Rebel Wilson describes how her heart was ‘cracked open’ by a tennis player

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Los Angeles, March 28 (IANS) Hollywood actress Rebel Wilson shared that her connection with an unnamed sports star changed her life.

Reflecting on her love life, the actress told “It was like a rollercoaster. Sometimes, when I was dating men, people would even comment. They’re like, ‘God, Rebel, you can take them or leave them. You weren’t that ever invested’.”

“And then, here was somebody where (I) felt so invested in and even thought at one point, ‘Oh, I could give up my career for this person, travel around the world on the tennis circuit’.”

Wilson, who announced her engagement to Ramona Agruma last year, shares that the experience has changed her life and her attitude towards love.

The actress said: “I describe it as cracking open my heart. Like you could open a fresh can of tennis balls… that’s what it did to me. And, I guess, when I saw people write love songs or poetry about love, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s nice’. But I don’t think I’d ever understood that until I felt that for a person.”

Wilson said she still struggles to understand why the situation has proven to be so transformative for her, reports

“It could have been that just the guys I was dating just weren’t the one. Or that, also, I wasn’t open to intimacy that much back then, so I never allowed myself to feel real feelings. And then the first time was with the tennis player,” she said.



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