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Life is an enigmatic journey. We know not the beginning or end of it. We are yet to unravel the mysteries of universe, the nature around us and the life we lead. In short the very existence is a mystery. A human being is a bundle of body, intellect and soul. There are umpteen numbers of theories to explain the purpose of life. The physical aspect ushers us towards the ‘Karma’ concept. The mother earth is our ‘Karma Bhoomi’. We are expected to do good ‘karma’ to achieve ‘nirvana’. The intellect part urges us to understand and lead life logically, in harmony with others. The soul aspect redes us on a spiritual journey in search of ‘Parmatman’. All these theories steer us towards a simple and good conduct in life. They teach us to respect the nature and cosmos.



Religion is one of such mediation that guides us through our journey in life. It sets a bench mark in our day to day life, for general upliftment of self and also achieving salvation. Religions all over the world endeavor to propagate humanity, the quality of unselfishness and concern for the welfare of others. It attempts to instill morality and respect for others.

However the world has witnessed lot of controversies in the name of Religion. People, instead of accepting and respecting the view points of other religions, have tried to influence and change the opinions of others as per their religion. We are born into a religion. The religion and rituals grow within us. It becomes an integral part and our alter ego. We feel pride in the philosophy of our religion but it is wrong to find fault in other people’s perspective. There is hardly any point in proving to the world that any one religion is perfect. The religions are beyond comparisons and critical evaluations. They have come into existence to teach us the selfless attitude to serve humanity. Their role is to help us destroy the inflated and super egos and see a reflection of self in all. Above all they intend to bring peace to self and the world at large.

The present scenario clearly heralds that the mankind has not yet attained the maturity to understand the purpose of religion. In his zeal to demonstrate his loyalties towards the religion, he is destroying the very essence of religion, it was meant to be.

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