Right to Public Health should be declared Fundamental Right : A campaign for better lives initiated by Adv Ashok Agarwal



New Delhi : (07/02/2019) India is one of the most populated countries in the world which is why there are also ample issues related to the medical problems.

22% of Indian population is below poverty line and are unable to arrange big amounts when needed to get them or their family cured from any severe medical issue.

Government hospitals in India have thousands of patients waiting to get admitted and cured from the medical issues they are facing.

Today, Advocate Ashok Agarwal along with dozens of people who are facing one or another issues because of inadequate and expensive medical facilities demanded for course correction in this domain.

These people demanded that Right to Public Health should be given the position in the list of Fundamental Rights in India.

Speaking to Ten News, Advocate Ashok Agarwal said,

“India is rich with every quality that a Super-Power nation must hold but is lacking behind because of poor management of many of the important aspects of the country. Every kind of medical facilities are available in India but the majority of these facilities are highly expensive. We being the citizen of this nation deserves much better medical assistance then what we living with today.”

Sharing their bad experiences with medical facilities, people reacted to the current situation of medical facilities for middle class people in India.

An old lady who is suffering from cancer said, “From last 7 months, I have been making rounds to All India Institute of Medical Sciences from Rampur for my treatment but I have always left AIIMS only with other dates for treatment. I am in pain and I request Modi for looking into this tragedy that is the part of the lives of many other people like me.”


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