Rs 100 cr bungalow sealed in S Delhi as crackdown on scrap mafia boss Ravi Kana intensifies

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Noida/New Delhi, Jan 6 (IANS) Intensifying its crackdown on scrap metal mafia and gangster Ravi Kana and his associates operating in the Delhi-NCR region, Noida Police raided and sealed a luxurious Rs 100-crore bungalow in south Delhi’s New Friends Colony, believed to have been gifted by Kana to his girlfriend and key accomplice, Kajal Jha.

Jha, who initially sought employment from Kana, rose to prominence within the gang, assuming a crucial role in managing the accounts of the gangster’s benami properties.

The police raided the property on Wednesday, prompting Jha and her associates to flee.

“The three-storey bungalow was sealed by police as part of their ongoing efforts to dismantle the scrap mafia network,” said a senior Noida Police official.

Ravindra Nagar, aka Ravi Kana, who has over a dozen cases registered, leads a 16-member gang involved in the illicit procurement and sale of rebar and scrap material.

The gang, allegedly involved in extortion from businesses across Delhi-NCR, has amassed considerable wealth, with Kana reportedly transforming from a scrap dealer into a millionaire.

In addition to the property seizures, the Noida Police has been actively apprehending members of Kana’s gang. On Friday, two members identified as Rashid Ali and Afsar Ali were arrested from the P-3 roundabout, bringing the total number of arrested gang members to six.

Ravi Kana, who inherited leadership following the demise of his brother Harendra Pradhan, a gangster killed in 2014, has been operating under police protection due to persistent death threats.

A viral video captured Kana entering a wedding event, surrounded by a contingent of policemen, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement in curbing the influence of the scrap mafia in the region.



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