Sambit Patra attacks Rahul Gandhi, Kamal Nath for allegedly creating enmity between Hindu-Muslim in Madhya Pradesh

New Delhi: BJP’ official spokesperson today at a conference shared his opinion regarding the recent conference held in Madhya Pradesh where Congress MP chief Kamal Nath shared some of the facts related to RSS and Rahul Gandhi’s alleged temporary face supporting Hindus.

As per details shared by Patra, kamal Nath in MP while hosting a conference in MP had said,

“My muslim friends, you just have to tolerate the activities being conducted by Rahul Gandhi these days till the day of elections. Rahul Gandhi had always and will always be supporting muslim people who are the major part of Indian continent. Rahul Gandhi is wearing the sacred hindu thread just to garner the attention of Hindus til elections.”

Dr. Sambit Patra who is an Indian politician and is one of the official spokespersons of the Bharatiya Janata Party with the designation of National Spokesperson of the party lambasted Kamal Nath for making these remarks.

Responding to the words of Kamal Nath, Sambit Patra said,

“Rahul Gandhi is now a days promoting Hinduism in front of Hindus and in front of Muslims, he is a promoting their religion which can result in creating very long distances between these two religions. Kamal Nath said in a conference that muslims have to wait till elections for theses activities of Rahul Gandhi promoting Hinduism to stop.”

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