Samrat Ashok rescues sister Anandi in next episode of ‘Pracchand Ashok’

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Mumbai, March 1 (IANS) The upcoming episode of ‘Pracchand Ashok’ will witness Susima (Aarush Shrivastava) instructing his guards to throw Ashok (Adnan Khan) into the river with a stone tied to his feet.

Now, Ashok regains consciousness and boards a flight with the guards. Later, he figures out the way to Tahkhana, where Anandi (Tanvi Sawant) is kept.

Princess Kaurwaki (Mallika Singh) is getting ready in her own space. Bhadrak (Ankit Bhatia) reaches where Anandi is and starts assaulting her. Right on time, Ashok reaches and saves her.

He beats Bhadrak until he bleeds. Meanwhile, Susima is sitting in the mandap with his sehra on.

The historical love saga ‘Pracchand Ashok’ airs at 10 p.m. on Colors.



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