Samsung updates it’s voice assistant module, rolls voice cloning for Korean users

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New Delhi (India), 26th February 2023: Samsung has announced major updates in it’s software this week. Samsung’s Bixby which is their voice assistant will get major updates regarding voice and text interactions.

Samsung’s Bixby is considered a less sophisticated voice assistant when compared to its rivals Siri and the Google Voice Assistant. However in the recent announcement Samsung has entered the race of the AI backed systems.

The first update is regarding the Samsung ‘Bixby Text Call’ feature for it’s english speaking market. The feature had been already introduced in Korea last year. This feature allows users to not answer calls personally and have Bixby answer the calls based on the text input given by the user.

The next revolutionary feature is, ‘Bixby Custom Voice Creator,’ it will allow Samsung users to clone their voice using Artificial Intelligence and then the cloned voice will be able to take calls and also answer voice text messages. The replies will inculcate the person’s voice and tone. However currently it is only limited to Korean users and is only present in certain Samsung Flagship phones.

Along with that Samsung is also working on “Hi Bixby” commands and basic tasks that the voice assistant will be able to perform proficiently.

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