Save the #Wildlife for the Sustenance of Mankind

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Written by- Rohit Kaul- Independent Writer & Communications Professional

In the last few decades, human encroachment and poaching are two biggest threats which continue to haunt wildlife across the globe. Governments had launched several initiatives in the past to curb the menace, but it seems the problems have grown much bigger to handle. Today, we have reached a melting point where most of the animal species face a new catastrophic flood, but this time the deadly downpour is caused by humans. Species around the world confront a rain of bullets, poisonings, traps, and snares.
This year’s theme “The future of wildlife is in our hands” presents a perfect opportunity to reconsolidate our efforts to step up the global fight against wildlife crime, which has wide-ranging economic, environmental and social impacts. The theme also call for global celebration of many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to sensitize the masses about the multitude of benefits that wildlife conservation provides to people living in different corners of the world.
The theme puts special emphasis on the fact that wildlife, people and sustainable development all are inter-related, and neither can be separated nor can be isolated. We must acknowledge the fact that it is the responsibility of each generation to protect wildlife for the following generation. At the same time it calls for the pressing need for international action to ensure the survival of the wildlife species of both charismatic and lesser known species.
Another year has passed and the species pool has been further drained. It is not an inexhaustible supply. We have to act now, or we may have to build another ark to protect this planet’s wonderful diversity not from a flood, but from ourselves. Wild life conservation is the way forward, #SaveWildlife#ConserveWildlife#CatchPoachers#SaveWildlife #StopHumanEncroachment #StopPoaching

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