Vanita Srinivas

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We all are bundles of imperfection, born with innumerable limitations. Apparently this reflects in our intelligence, behavior, functions and perceptions. Some of us realize these weaknesses and modestly work towards improving selves. Such people lead a very humble life for they know that we are just an imperfect void in this perfectly functioning cosmos. The rest, of course, are the self righteous persons who consider themselves to be a benchmark personalities. Their perceptions are restricted to their poverty stricken wisdom. They run around the world like a horse tied with blinders and consider this limited vision as being focused.

Recently we have seen an upsurge in the self righteous group. They can be easily identified for their radicalization of issues. They argue untiringly with their mental filters on. They approve of issues which are Appealing to personal considerations rather than to fact or reason. The moral policing is a product of such holier than thou attitude groups. There are umpteen numbers of instances involving almost all aspects of social life where a certain groups try to control general public with arrogant superiority and a haughty disregard for others. The Karni Sena rampaged the whole country for some scenes in the movie Padmavat. They have been charged with rioting, arson and assaulting general public. Such acts of damage are not justified at all for any good cause. Falling in line are the opinion of the people on social media. Few Argue or speak in defence of the tweet or post and the rest join to contradict it. Although the volley of posts does not cause any physical damage but the involvement of a large people, their outpours, dissents, often creates a hatred for each other. It’s like throwing a stone unnecessarily in the otherwise still water. This collateral damage is lot more dangerous than the physical damage to the nation.

It is good to be concerned about the welfare of the Society and coming generations but how far is it justified to go on rampaging and intimidating the general public in the guise of a good cause. And what example are the groups setting up for the youngsters by bullying the common man.

In a far off country in the West, two boys found the beaches littered. Instead of picking fight with people who dumped the trash, they started cleaning the beaches. Their act was lauded and appreciated. Impressed by their efforts many volunteers joined them. The group came up with one more amazing idea of making bracelets with waste material they collected. The sale proceeds by selling these accessories were used to fund the movement. How constructive!!! This group too fought for a right cause but with a different perspective.

There is an iota of justification in each ones perspective. We should respect it. Nobody is either entirely correct or totally wrong. Parading good work, being uncompassionate towards others opinions is self righteousness and not rightfulness.  Society is in a continual process of changing and improving. Frictions are inevitable during such transitions. It is best to resolve with matured discussions and mutual respect. Take up the issue at the root cause and not by punishing the aggrieved.

Judge not, that ye be not judged.

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