Shruti Swaroop Shines Light on Discrimination and Inclusion at IIA Conference ’24

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New Delhi, 16th Feb: Renowned for her pioneering contributions through EMBRACE Consulting and the International Inclusion Alliance (IIA), Shruti Swaroop illuminated the stage at the IIA Conference ’24, captivating attendees with her compelling narrative on discrimination and the power of inclusion. Opening up about her personal journey on Thursday, Swaroop revealed a profound awakening: the stark reality of discrimination, once foreign to her, surfaced during her college years and subsequent studies in the UK.

Swaroop’s heartfelt account underscored the critical importance of platforms like the IIA, dedicated to fostering inclusive dialogue on equity and belonging, transcending barriers of caste, gender, and race.

“Inclusion,” Swaroop passionately declared during her address, “is the bedrock of societal progress.” She expressed profound gratitude to her co-founder, Neeraj A. Sharma, whose steadfast commitment has been instrumental in advancing the alliance’s noble mission. Established by Swaroop and Sharma, the IIA stands as a testament to the ERTZ Academy’s vision, aiming to imbue Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles into every facet of the workforce.

Guided by Swaroop’s visionary leadership and the collaborative efforts of Sharma and the entire IIA team, the alliance continues to lead the charge towards a future defined by greater equality and inclusivity.



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