Smast Bhartiye Party Join Hands with Indian National Congress ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Talib Khan / Lokesh Goswami

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New Delhi, (20/3/2019): Today at the All India Congress Committee Office in New Delhi, Smast Bhartiye Party joined hands with Indian National Congress ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections.

The congress leaders welcomed the Smast Bhartiye Party workers and promised to maintain a good relation with them.

Speaking at the event Sudesh Kumar Agarwal, Party president said, “we did not joined the Congress because of some political gains, but instead at this very point of time Congress is in need of having some sort of support. And due to the political ideology of Indian National Congress we have joined hands with them. Congress have contributed a lot in the development of this nation. But now from 2014, the government is only doing promises and not fulfilling them”.

“In the constitution of Congress, it is written in the first article that Congress will serve the nation as a socialist party, and all its members from its inception is working towards the development of the nation maintaining communal harmony in the country. We will contribute with help in several sectors to run the nation”, he added.

Since the Election Commission had announced the dates of the polling, the Congress has tried to make alliance with several other parties and geared up the preparations to win the elections.

On the other hand, BJP has launched its #MaibhiChowkidaar campaign, and started its election campaign with a bang. Opposition Congress is trying to pull down the ruling BJP from power by uniting with other parties.

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