Social activists launches ‘Jan Sarokar 2019’, People’s manifesto, Urges political parties to adopt

Talib Khan / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi, (3/4/2019): Today, several social activists gathered together and organized press conference to launch the Jan Sarokar 2019.

The Jan Sarokar 2019 or People’s manifesto is a collaborative work of social activists from all over the country. Building on the efforts of various civil society initiatives, people’s movements and campaigns have come together to present a charge sheet on the current government for their acts of omission and commission, putting the social fabric of this country under threat.

The campaigns will submit a series of must-do actions for progressive and secular parties asking them to endorse a People’s Agenda, Jan Sarokar 2019.
Representatives of grassroots campaigns demand accountability from political parties and emphasize that days when the political parties made empty promises is over.

Explaining this, Shankar Singh, social activist, MKSS said, “This election must be fought on the basis of people’s demands. The real issues that people face including the non-payment of NREGA wages, the increase of pension etc., have become submerged by religious polarisation, politicisation of the armed forces, and warmongering in order to hide the government’s failures. 9 of the richest people of this country own as much wealth as 65 crore of the poorest people. Political parties must commit to the People’s Agenda.”

Syeda Hameed representing the Women, Minorities, and Samruddha Bharat Foundation stated, “Jan Sarokar is a beacon of light in these darkest of times for India. Women Dalits Muslims have
been targeted by powers who believe in ruling by division and dissension. When Janta will rise this vicious circle will break and dreams of our founding fathers will be restored.”

Campaigns will come together to place their concerns before various political parties on 6th April 2019 at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi.

On 6th April the political parties joining the Jan Sarokar include the CPI(M), CPI, DMK, INC, RJD, TMC, AAP, TDP, NCP, JDS, CPI(ML), LJD, Swaraj India.

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