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Rajiv Goyal


By Rajiv Goyal


In my understanding the biggest problem India is facing is migration. Why it happens? it happens because of lack of opportunities at village level and at towns. The reason for migration to big cities in metros is to get better prospects , livelihood , law and order , education , Healthcare, easy access to the finance and higher chances of moving into Elite club.

However the cost of living is much higher in metro cities then what people can manage in villages and towns. Over the years these facilities could not be extended to village levels because of lack of infrastructure related to road , power and internet.

Now when government is able to provide 20 hours of electricity , the road are constructed up to almost each village level and there is a thrust by the government to extend broadband to each Panchayat level at very nominal prices, there are chances of developing facilities using initiatives in “Digital India” in the sectors of education, agriculture, food processing , skill development, Healthcare, access to financial markets, access to law enforcement agencies, reducing leakages of subsidy.

Using Digital Services employment can be generated at village level itself and the migration can also be reduced. The cost of infrastructure development for person is almost 10 times in cities than in villages

It is therefore imperative for the government to provide better facilities in developing Digital Services at village level itself for which they can call Big Corporates open their offices and IT centres at village level by providing some kind of incentives in the form of land subsidy or employment subsidy.

The government should also work in enhancing broadband capacities in the country using the taxpayers money so that a common man can get 50 GB data per month at rupees 100 then only Digital Services can be successful commercially.

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