Sonal Parihar, Shantanu Monga open up on their character’s arc in ‘Tulsidham Ke Laddu Gopal’

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Mumbai, Jan 8 (IANS) Actors Sonal Parihar and Shantanu Monga have been roped in by the makes of the show ‘Tulsidham Ke Laddu Gopal’ to play pivotal roles, and they have opened up on exploring their character’s emotional arc.

Sonal plays the role of Devi Rati, and Shantanu is seen portraying the role of Kaamdev.

Talking about the same, Sonal said: “Playing Rati in ‘Tulsidham Ke Laddu Gopal’ has allowed me to portray a multitude of emotions within a single character. It’s a chance for me to explore various shades — love, anger, hope, and guilt.”

“As an actor, it’s an incredible experiment. Viewers will get to witness more about Rati and Kaamdev, beyond what they already know. I hope the upcoming episodes bring enjoyment to the audience,” she added.

Shantanu shared his perspective, and said: “Being part of ‘Tulsidham Ke Laddu Gopal’ is unique — being a socio-mythological show along with entertainment it carries social messages. Playing Kaamdev, I have an emotional arc that excites me.”

“We’re in the mid of shooting the Kaamdev sequence, and I’m eager to see how the audience responds to this upcoming track. I hope they shower the show with their love,” he added.

The story of ‘Tulsidham Ke Laddu Gopal’ captures the exceptional bond between Tulsi (portrayed by Akshita Mudgal) and her cherished playful and innocent deity, Laddu Gopal (played by Het Makwana).

Tulsi holds a unique place as Laddu Gopal’s unwavering devotee, being the sole individual with the divine ability to perceive his presence. As Tulsi navigates various challenges, Laddu Gopal becomes her guiding light, her saviour through every twist of fate.

The show continues to engage the audience, and in the mid of it, an untold story of Devi Rati and Kaamdev will be presented, promising to be quite delightful for the viewers.

It airs on Shemaroo TV.



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