Sonu Nigam faces altercation with fan over selfie, registers case

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Mumbai (Maharashtra), 21st February 2023: Sonu Nigam and two people accompanying him suffered minor injuries after they got into a scuffle with a fan who got aggressive in pursuit of a selfie. The incident took place on Monday late night in Chembur, Mumbai.

The admired singer and songwriter was getting off-stage after his live performance during a music festival in Mumbai, when a man stopped him from behind. Within moments the situation had escalated when the man who jas been identified as Swapnil Phaterpekar started manhandling Nigam.

Rabbani Khan an adjutant to the singer came in his defence but was pushed down the stairs and suffered minor injuries himself. Sony Nigam in a statement to the press has said that the incident was most unfortunate and Rabbani could’ve died.

Swapnil Phaterpekar is the son of MLA Prakash Phaterkar of the Thakkrey Cabinet. Sonu Nigam has filed an FIR for wrongful restraint and an intention to cause harm against Swapnil. The singer has went ahead and said that nothing seemed intentional but was still a serious situation.

After a clip of the situation got viral on the internet, overnight, people are sympathizing with Sonu Nigam and condemning such aggression from Swapnil just for clicking a selfie. Some others have been trying to give the situation a political turn and are speculating the intentions behind the alleged attack.

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