Statement OF #AAMAADMIPARTY on Sting CD Released Today @BJP4INDIA @INCINDIA

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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has entered the electoral arena with a mission to clean politics. The party has come into being on the basis of a popular movement against corruption. It is committed to upholding the highest values in public life. AAP has assured the electors of Delhi that if there is any credible evidence of corruption, criminality or dubious character against any of its 70 candidates, the Party shall withdraw its support to that candidate even if we have to leave the seat vacant.

Today, a CD containing sting operation against some of our candidates and another leader has been released in the public domain. These are excerpts and edited version of a series of sting operations conducted over the last few weeks. We believe that more such “disclosures” maybe in the offing.

AAP takes serious view of these allegations. We have been the target of a spate of allegations in the last one week or so. The timing and nature of these allegations suggest that these are motivated. It is not surprising that a party that seeks to redefine moral standards in politics is being collectively targeted by powerful vested interests, including the big parties, some corrupt sections of the media and corporate. Nevertheless, AAP owes an explanation to the nation for every serious allegation, irrespective of its source or the motives.

The Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of AAP has decided to review the evidence presented to the public and take a decision on this issue within the next 24 hours. The PAC has requested everyone named in the CD to present their version. We have also requested Mr. Anuranjan Jha to provide us with the raw, unedited footage of the sting operation by tomorrow morning.

The PAC will meet tomorrow and take a final decision. The Party shall not hesitate in taking strict action, including withdrawing the candidature, if any of the allegations are found to be credible.

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