Suicide attempt by family thwarted by alert bystanders on Sabarmati Riverfront

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Ahmedabad, April 30 (IANS) Four members of a family from the Bhudarpura area in Ahmedabad attempted to end their lives by jumping into the Sabarmati River, but were saved due to the prompt response by the bystanders and the fire officials on Tuesday.

The family consisting of an elderly woman, her adult son and daughter, and the daughter’s six-year-old child, was driven to despair by prolonged abuse by the daughter’s husband, leading them to take the drastic step.

Eyewitnesses and fire officials present on the riverfront walkway sprang into action to save the family. Officials said that the intervention came just in time to prevent a tragic ending.

The Sabarmati Riverfront police have since initiated a detailed investigation into the circumstances that led to the family’s crisis.


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