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Tackling Wrong Side Driving Menace with Iron Fist, Noida Traffic Police faces logistic issues!

Ashish Kedia

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(15/12/2017) Noida

Implementing right traffic movement at One-Way roads or putting checks at wrong-side driving incident is coming up as a challenge for Noida Traffic Police as despite rigorous penalties commuters seem to have no qualms for getting caught on the wrong foot, or as in here, in wrong lane.

Stretch of Udhyog Marg which is designated as a One Way Road witness’s large number of traffic violators. It remains very common to observe motorists, auto’s and E-Rickshaw’s openly flouting the One-Way rule. The penalty of INR 1000 has by and large failed to put much check at this menace due to many other reasons.

Seeking anonymity an NTP personnel says, “There are 9 to10 streets and road cuts on both side of the Udyog Marg stretch. Vehicles come and go from these without any concern of the one way rule. Logistically it isn’t possible to station police personnel at each of such cuts, hence the flouting of rules continues. Despite these things, people are being regularly caught and penalized but seem to be resilient to change”.

Similarly motorists drive on the wrong side from different crossings of Noida in order to reach their destination rapidly without bothering to take a U-Turn from little more distance. Regular commuters tend

As per data collected from Noida Traffic Police more than 5000 erring drivers have been penalized for wrong side driving in last 8 months. The Penalty figure for this particular violation in recent times remains one of the highest in the city in many years. However not much change has come in to driving habits of the natives, who seem to have just become more vigilant while breaking the rule.

According to a traffic police study conducted in India, almost 30% of road accidents are caused by this dangerous convenience of driving into oncoming traffic. However the pertinent habit of large number of Indian population to seek shortcuts and look for “Jugaads” keeps making our road unsafe as ever.

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