Teacher’s Day: IIMA sets up the Kamla Chowdhry Communications Hub in honour of its first faculty member

September 5, 2022: On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, t he Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
IIMA), a premier global management institute, announced the creation of the Kamla Chowdhry
Communications Hub, named after its first faculty member, Professor Kamla Chowdhry, and her
outstanding contribution to IIMA’s growth and success.

Professor Kamla Chowdhry, an acknowledged academician was the first faculty member of IIMA. She
was a member of the IIMA Society and the first faculty nominee to be appointed on the IIMA Board in
1962 . She was a brilliant teacher and the author of the pioneering 3TP Senior Management Development Program that gave the IIMA a leading edge in executive education.

The Kamla Chowdhry Communications Hub will play a central role in consolidating IIMA’s leadership
in management education and research, as well as promoting the IIMA brand through a portfolio of
communication and marketing engagements. The Hub will function as a unified unit serving the
Institute’s and all of its internal and external stakeholders needs. One of its top priorities will be to significantly enhance the IIMA brand globally. Its mandate includes bringing in best practices and
innovative ideas to assist the Institute in communicating, engaging, and influencing in the ever – changing digital world.

The Hub is taking shape thanks to the donation by IIMA alumni Roopa and Vivek Kudva . Making the
announcement , Professor Errol D’ Souza, Director, IIMA, said, “I am delighted to announce the
Kamla Chowdhry Communications Hub, an ambitious endeavour aptly named in honour of Professor
Kamla Chowdhry, a pioneering management educationist and institution builder. The Hub would not
have been possible without the supp ort of Roopa and Vivek Kudva, who collaborated closely with us to
curate this exceptional and visionary idea that will enable an important goal of promoting the IIMA brand globally.”

Sharing their views on supporting the creation of the Communications Hub, Roopa and Vivek
Kudva, IIMA alumni, said, “IIMA aspires to enhance its pre-eminence in management education and
research globally. The establishment of the Kamla Chowdhry Communications Hub will support this
endeavour by increasing investments in communications and marketing. As proud alumni of the
institute, we feel privileged to support the hub. Naming the hub after Professor Chowdhry is an
opportunity to recognise and honour her seminal and foundational contributions to the Institute.”

The Kamla Chowdhry Communications Hub is the latest in the series of pioneering initiatives
undertaken by the IIMA in recent years. All of this has been made possible by the support of its
alumni, distinguished individuals, and well-known institutions who share the Institute’s vision and have
committed their time, efforts, and funds to its growth. Six decades on, the IIMA legacy continues to
resonate in India and across the world. As it moves ahead, the Institute has clearly defined plans to
underline its reputation as one of the top global management institutes

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