Teachers from UP and Maharashtra win this year’s edition of Brainly Shikshak of the Year Award

Mumbai, 30th November, 2022: Teachers form an intrinsic part of India’s 264MN school-going children. In its continued efforts to recognize and celebrate India’s best teachers, Brainly, India’s leading online learning platform, today announced the winners of Brainly Shikshak of the Year 2022. This edition of the awards was organized in partnership with Schoolnet India, Lenovo, and Prosus.

The four outstanding educators being recognized are Mrs. Neeraj Maurya, an assistant teacher at Primary School Majhauwa in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh; Mrs. Vijay Laxmi, an art and craft teacher at AID in Noida, UP; Dr. Smita Singh, a teacher at Aditya Birla Intermediate College in Renukoot, UP; and Mr. Shubham Pandey, a teacher at S. Poonawalla English Medium School & Junior College in Pune, Maharashtra.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer, Brainly said, ”Teachers are student’s first external guides. They shape our personalities into something strong and wonderful. Brainly Shikshak of the Year is a great effort to recognise and honour the best educators whose commitment to education is unconditional and unmatched. These awards are a small yet an important step in celebrating their hard work and commitment. Given the educational requirements amidst the pandemic had to be quick and efficient, teachers had to create newer ways of learning and transform the ways of pedagogy to suit the liking of students who were quarantined at home.”

The users of Brainly appreciated the student’s nomination for Mrs. Neeraj Maurya, an Assistant teacher at Primary School Majhauwa Taluka Muhammadpur, who won in the “Best School Teacher/Principal” category. She comes with over 7 years of experience and has been teaching elementary subjects for students from Classes 1 to 5. She is highly regarded by her students for her strong will and unique teaching methodologies.

On being honoured with the Shikshak Awards, Mrs. Neeraj says, “I have been working in this noble profession for over 6 years now and the one thing that really keeps me motivated is the power to bring about change in the society through my students. I am also really happy and grateful to my students for having nominated me and I strongly believe that a teacher should always be open to understanding their students and be a good friend to them.”

The “Best Offline Tutor” award was won by Mrs. Vijay Laxmi, a teacher at AID, Noida, who teaches primary students – maths, arts, and craft. She believes in making students comfortable and teaches them in an engaging and fun manner, which makes her the most loving teacher amongst students.

On winning the award, Mrs Vijay Laxmi, who has over 20 years of teaching experience adds, “Other than parents, teachers are the guiding adults in every student’s life. We need to realise that we play an extremely vital role in shaping a student’s understanding of the world. Being nominated for this prestigious awards itself means a lot to me. Being recognised for my service has been an unmatched and delightful experience.”

Brainly’s community honoured the “Best Online Tutor/Educator” award to Dr. Smita Singh. With over a decade’s experience of teaching history at Aditya Birla Intermediate College, she is a favourite among many students. Her style of teaching is unique and she ensures her History lessons aren’t boring and that it creates a visual imagination in student’s mind. She was also the first in the locality to start the online teaching classes through WhatsApp Groups, Conference Video calls, and YouTube Videos amidst the pandemic.

On winning the award, Dr. Smita says, “I am a history buff and I love teaching and telling historical stories about kings and kingdoms to my students. I am not a huge fan of the current academic curriculum as I feel that it lacks social and moral knowledge that’s a must in today’s world. I am honoured to be presented this award and I only have lots of gratitude and love for my students who thought that I was worthy of this honour.”

The award for the “Most Innovative Educator” was given to Mr. Shubham Pandey, who is a young and dynamic teacher at C.E.S.Dr Cyrus S. Poonawalla English Medium School & Junior College. He always brings innovations in his teaching style, which is highly appreciated by his students. Recently, he has been using AI-enabled assessment and teaching via Kyan and Geneo learning apps, which students find interactive and interesting.

On winning the award, Mr. Shubham Pandey says, “I consider teaching to be a profession that acts as a tool which can mould young, developing, open, and curious minds. The goal of education is to establish peace and humanity in the world. The academic curriculum of India is progressive and it focusses on the holistic development of the students. However, shortage of resources and the practical difficulties that’s associated with the implementation process is a challenge.”

The vote was open to Brainly’s community of 55MN Indian users and the educators across the various categories have won cash prizes in recognition of their contribution. The nominations were open for educators across all subjects under the categories of Best School Teacher/Principal, Best Offline Tutor for Teachers in Tuition or coaching centers, Best Online Tutor/Educator for Influencers/Youtubers in education category and Most Innovative Teacher, for educators with a keen focus on critical thinking, curiosity, and conceptual clarity in online or offline classes.

Brainly Shikshak Of The Year 2022 is organized in partnership with Prosus along with the leading technology company Lenovo and edtech service provider Schoolnet India. With a strong vision to leverage technology for a better tomorrow, Lenovo will give out tabs to the three student winners for their best nominations. Schoolnet India, the leading EdTech service provider, has created a special award category for this edition to gratify teachers who have focused on critical thinking, curiosity, and conceptual clarity in online or offline classes in the most innovative ways.

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