Technical snag behind ghastly train accident in Odisha, reveals probe

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Balasore, 04th June 2023: The Indian Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has confirmed that the cause of the Odisha train crash was a technical snag, that has claimed 288 lives and injured hundreds of others.

Minister Vaishnaw confirmed that the underlying issue was related to the point machine and electronic interlocking system. The electronic interlocking system is a safety measure designed to prevent conflicting movements between trains, malfunctioned, leading to the fatal incident.

This comes as Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspected the site yesterday. The leader further added that the restoration work for the track would be completed by Wednesday, as all bodies have been removed.

The Railways Ministry has been actively engaged in the restoration work, which has been ongoing at war footing in Balasore. In a tweet, the Ministry said that over 1,000 people, more than seven Poclain Machines, two Accident Relief Trains, and three to four Railway and Road Cranes had been deployed for early restoration.

Furthermore, The Indian Air Force (IAF) has deployed Mi-17 helicopters to aid in evacuating the dead and injured, coordinating with the civil administration and Indian Railways.

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