Ten News questions Delhi Auto Drivers : Who will be India’s new PM, Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi?

Vishal Malhotra / Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi : Auto drivers in every state in India plays a crucial role in everyone’s life as we are almost dependent on them for one or more travelling tasks.

Today, Ten News caught up with some Delhi Auto drivers and questioned them about who according to them will be the next Prime Minister in India.

“BJP has done good for the nation and we are not unhappy with PM’s efforts and will also like him as our PM again. Although there has been no change in our living and in the income, we somehow arrange to run our houses.”

Speaking about the situation of Hindu – Muslim conflicts in India, one driver said, “Government could have easily removed Muslims from India while partition but didn’t do that just because they intended to take advantage by raising misunderstandings between Hindu and Muslim.

Also, CPI(M) General secretary Sitaram Yechury has urged Rahul Gandhi to explain whether he is keen on fighting the BJP or the Left as he feels that the Congress chief’s decision to contest from Left stronghold-Wayanad has sent out a different message.

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