Textile Brand Veave’s Studio all set to launch naturally-sourced handmade products in Metro Cities

Vishal Malhotra / Rahul Kumar Jha

New Delhi (21/11/2019): A person who knows Indian Traditional Clothings by roots will always know that Handspun weaves are a hit in every fashion circuit, be it high street or couture.

A Varanasi-based design studio, Veave’s Studio is all set to launch its products in metro cities after growing well in Banaras, Bengal and Punjab, offering a line of impeccably stylish naturally-sourced handmade products which will finally let you explore ethically conscious artisanship originating from the country.

Vatsala Chopra of Veave’s Studio, speaking to Ten News said, “Varanasi is famous for silk, kattan and some other fabrics. But strangely, we hardly do anything with Benarasi silks. Though our weavers are from here, we majorly deal with cotton and linen, as well as wool and pashmina,”

According to the company, the campaign aim towards restoring the influence of Indian clothes on both the domestic and global market.

“Our resilient attempt to bring back into prominence the traditional Indian clothes has been our motto since the beginning. Our connection with ethnic wear seems to grow deeper each year – strengthened by our commitment to always produce products of the highest quality using traditional methods and pseudo-modern designs”, added Vatsala.

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