The coming US presidential election can potentially change the whole world. @PANKAJPARASHAR_

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Written by Pankaj Parashar

In the recent times, the US presidential elections, along with terrorism, is emerging out to be one of the most important topics. There are various reasons for that. For instance, The POTUS (President of the United States) is the most powerful person in the world. This time there was considerable decline in the election campaign also. But the third point is the most important. This is the first time in the history that a woman is so close to be the POTUS. And that woman is former First Lady of United States- Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton is not new to this election. Last time her opponent in the democratic primary elections was Barack Obama, who was contesting to be the first Black President of the United States. Most US citizens wanted him to create history. His wife Michelle Obama also played part in his win, as her charisma often overshadowed Hillary Clinton. Though many stated that former presidents like Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding, John Hansen and Franklin D Roosevelt were part Black, but there is no documented proof for the same. It will be interesting to see if Hillary Clinton would be able to create history not unlike the current president and her party mate Barack Obama. Both of them belong to a section which is considered inferior, The Americans would like to change this line of thinking.

Nationalism versus cooperation
This election is also trying to rouse the American “nationalist” spirit to fight against the Muslim fundamentalism. This is one of the chief agenda of the presidential campaign of Republican Party nominee Donald Trump. Trump’s view is that America is suffering due to the Obama’s leniency towards the Muslims. According to him Muslims, in the name of Jihad, are indulging in illegal practices. On the other hand, Clinton, along with her part believes that America cannot prosper without the help of fellow Muslims. However, her policies against the growing terrorism worldwide are quite unclear. This is the chief reason why Trump’s angry tirades are swaying the voters.

India and Pakistan’s view
Other than The United States, this election will be very important for India and Pakistan. One of my fellow Pakistani reporters is sure that Trump will win the election. According to him American organizations like Pentagon are sure that Third World War will happen in near future, and that is possible only when America is in Trump’s hands. To rise above the current economic crisis and to reassert its hegemony in the world, a win in the war is America’s only option. Most Pakistani people want Clinton to win. Indians have their own views. Indians can’t help but compare Narendra Modi and Trump’s ideas of nationalism. Many also believe that having Trump as a president will strengthen the Indo-US relations. America never fully supported India under Bill Clinton or when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. So some Indians think Trump’s presidency would be more beneficial for India.
All in all this elections will change the face of the earth. It will change the existing social notions like woman rights and communalism. It can even change the geography of some nations. New pages will surely be added to history.

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