‘The Conversion’ takes up the issues related to love marriage in a very serious way

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New Delhi (07/05/2022): There has always been a debate about love marriage and arranged marriage in India. Even today love marriage is prohibited in small towns and rural areas of our country. The film titled ‘The Conversion’ with a similar theme and background has been released on 6th May and is receiving a lot of love from the audience. Made entirely in Bollywood style, the film deals with the issues of religious conversion during love marriages in India in a very serious manner.

Vindhya Tiwari and Prateek Shukla are in lead roles in Vinod Tiwari’s ‘The Conversion’. Both these actors have brought life to their roles with their strong acting. Apart from these, Ravi Bhatia, Vibha Chhibber, Manoj Joshi, Amit Behl, Sunita Rajbhar, Sandeep Yadav and Sushil Yadav are also the life of the film in supporting roles.
It is worth noting that in the special screenings of this film in cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Anand, Jabalpur, Gwalior and Mumbai, the film got a good response from the people. The film is supported by Delhi BJP spokesperson Kapil Mishra, who also runs an NGO. This film is dedicated to the noble cause called #SaveOurDaughters.

In a press conference organized in connection with the promotion of the film in Delhi, BJP leader Kapil Mishra said that,” Some people of other community keep their name Hindu to entice Hindu girls in love trap. After that, trapping her in a love trap, marry her and forcibly convert her to religion. We oppose this.”

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