The spat between the LG and CM. Literally a storm in a tea cup : Ashok Nath

We have seen so much brouhaha in Delhi for the last ten days or so about the spat between the LG and CM. Literally a storm in a tea cup. Few people understand the true position least of all legal luminaries who get paid for their pontific opinions in lakhs. Their only stance is that since there is a democratically elected Government in Delhi it must have a say in running it. Everybody forgets that Delhi is a Union territory like Puducherry. Not a State. I worked with Shri Balakrishnan, a legal wizard, who drafted the Bill for the NCT of DELHI. He confided in me that a lot of pressure has been brought on him to devise a system to meet the political aspirations of the people of Delhi. The local politicians were demanding Statehood for Delhi. How can two elected Governments function from the same territory? He asked in frustration. Nowhere in the world-USA,Australia, France and elsewhere is there such an arrangement. Their Capitals are administered Federally. I have been asked to make jam out of oranges and karela. Is it possible? He asked me. Later after he had almost finished the first draft he told me. You take it from me, within fifteen years or so some megalomaniac politician will demand full Statehood. Talk about prescience!
Now in 2015 we are faced with such a person. Can one imagine what would have happened in Delhi during his previous Avatar as CM, when he was ready to sabotage the Republic Day Parade, he had the Delhi Police under him under Statehood? It would have definitely led to a clash between the Delhi Police and the Army. Anarchy!
Delhi is not the Capital only of the people of Delhi. It is the Capital of 1.2 billion people of the WHOLE of India. Delhi has many Diplomatic Missions, International Agencies, national institutions like the Supreme Court, High Court, Election Commission and of course, the Parliament. Delhi is neither self sufficient in water or electricity. I shudder to think what would happen if Delhi was a State and in the convulated and paranoid mindset of Kejriwal he gets offended, or imagines somebody is about to get him. Shut off power to the Supreme Court or Parliament?
If Kejriwal is so power hungry why can’t he fight elections in a full fledged State so that he can enjoy all the power he wants at leisure.
I would like to end in a lighter vein. When the question of Statehood for Delhi was being discussed Shri Balakrishna asked me with an impish smile,”Ashok, if Delhi becomes a State, who do you think will unfurl the National Flag at the Red Fort on 15th August, PM or CM?”
This was a joke all these years but with Kejriwal leading the mob like Buffaloes in a crockery shop I’m sure he will definitely stake a claim even to this national and solemn ceremony.
Ashok Nath(Retd IAS)

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