TN police crackdown on drug peddlers after state intelligence tip-off

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Chennai, May 19 (IANS) Tamil Nadu police have commenced a crackdown on drug peddlers after the state intelligence gave tips on several groups engaged in procuring drugs online and selling them in the open market.

The modus operandi of the gang is to buy certain specific tablets online and then sell them to students and other youngsters. In a recent raid in Chennai, the police special investigation team seized a huge quantity of tablets and several drug pushers were arrested.

According to sources in the state police, the intelligence has reported drug-peddling gangs active in many parts of the state and hence, a crackdown commenced.

The special investigation unit of the Tamil Nadu police is coordinating the raids and other search operations in the state.

Police sources told IANS that many people are already in custody of the police and are being questioned on the source of these drugs.

More details regarding the raids and searches are awaited.



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