Today what we have achieved is 100 percent indigenous: FM Arun Jaitley on Mission Shakti


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New Delhi :(27/03/2019) Today, Union Minister Arun Jaitley shredded the opposition arguments against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of “Mission Shakti” amid the Model Code Conduct for the national elections that are two weeks away. Dubbing them “clerical objections”, Jaitley said the anti-satellite missile programme was commissioned by PM Modi in 2014.Today what we have achieved is 100 percent indigenous.

The Union finance minister said, “We are talking about national security, regional security and geopolitical security, and on the other hand you see them (opposition leaders) doing what I may term as clerical objections… Like “why now, and not after the elections?”

After the opposition’s scathing attack on the government, the minister told journalists,

“You are not at all bothered about national security… When the finger points to the moon, the idiot always points to the finger… People who make such statements can only be answered by the people. The lower they go the stringer we will emerge.”

Opposition has argued that the Prime Minister’s announcement is a blatant attempt to score political points from years of hard work by the country’s scientists. Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said she would file a complaint about the violation of the Model Code of Conduct, which lays down the dos and don’ts for a caretaker government and political parties ahead of the elections.

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