Post-martem of rising Tomato prices by Shravan Kumar Sharma

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Now suddenly there is lot of hue and cry about the prices of tomato in media.The articles are being written with lot of research input about sudden jump in prices of tomato in different cities.The tomato was being sold at Rs 5.00 a few weeks before in M.P.and thefarmers were throwing away their produce with a distress pledge not to grow it again.We all know that it is not grown in the hot months of summer in North ,nor our ancestors used to consume it in these months . Other vegetables of summer are available that may be used in these months.Those who are writing about tomato are mostly driven by their super middle class irrepressible instincts to buy farm produce at the cheapest prices.Their mothers might be using the vegetable and onion for masala base for Murga curries ,nowadays they hardly eat food at home ,because the evenings are always reserved for 5 star parties where they plan the topics for the next issue of their newspapers.

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