Twenty Two Motors and KYMCO collaborate to launch Flow Electric Scooter in Indian market

Vishal Malhotra (Photo & Video) By Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: KYMCO is one of the global leading powersports brands. KYMCO’s mission is to create personal vehicles that win the hearts of consumers all over the world. KYMCO always go above and beyond to bring to customers the most thoughtful riding experience for everyday life. KYMCO’s current product range includes scooters, motorcycles, mobility scooters, ATVs and utility vehicles.

Elaborating the strategic partnership with KYMCO and his futuristic vision for EVs, Parveen Kharb, CEO and Co-Founder, Twenty Two Motors said,

“Twenty Two Motors was founded with the sole aim to change the commutation landscape in India by providing powerful smart vehicles to generation next. Electric mobility is the future of the world – a near future, not distant.”

Kymco Global Chairman Allen Ko addressed the conference with an introductory speech for Indians as his brand is new to India.
Discussing the company’s much sought-after foray in the Indian market and partnership with Twenty Two Motors, Allen Ko said,

“KYMCO is on a social mission to change the modern transportation and India is one of the most important markets from the point of view. We found a natural partner in Twenty Two Motors as we have synergies in terms of vision, technological innovation and outlook. Together we aim to change the landscape of urban mobility in India.”

Speaking to Ten News, Parveen Kharb shared some of the information about the product and its production, about which he said,

“We are gonna have a production of half a million “Flows” in the coming 6 months and will be gearing up the pace of production according to the demand we will be facing in 6 months.
KYMCO and Twenty Two Motors partnership is making us look at the brighter future of India that will be consisting of pollution free air and with no expense on petrol.”

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