Two NBFCs surrender their Certificate of Registration to RBI

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The following NBFCs have surrendered the Certificate of Registration granted to them by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI):

Sr. No. Name of the Company Office Address CoR No. CoR Issued On Cancellation Order Date
1 M/s Balaji Instalments Supply Limited 280, Goyal Complex, Bans Mandi, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh- 243005 B-12.00267 November 02, 2015 February 22, 2021
2 M/s Sugam Commodeal Pvt. Ltd. 54/3, 1st Cross, Ejipura Main Road, Vivek Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka – 560047 B-05.05460 September 03, 2003 March 24, 2021

The RBI, in exercise of powers conferred on it under Section 45-IA (6) of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, has therefore cancelled their Certificate of Registration.

As such, the above companies shall not transact the business of a Non-Banking Financial Institution, as defined in clause (a) of Section 45-I of the RBI Act, 1934.

(Yogesh Dayal)
Chief General Manager

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