“Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” – A Compendium of inspiring Poems by Eminent Educationist Prof PB Sharma launched online

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After the grand success of his memoir ‘Path to Excellence’, Prof PB Sharma penned down a compendium of inspiring poems in his book, published on Kindle Edition of Amazon, titled “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” which was launched online today by renowned educationists including Padma Shri Dr JS Rajput, India Chair, Board of UNESCO, Former Director NCERT and Former Chairman NCTE; Prof DP Agrawal, Former Chairman UPSC; Prof Prem Vrat, Chairman IIT Dhanbad & IIT Mandi and Founder Director of IIT Roorkee and Dr Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University Haryana in presence of Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President, Amity Education Group; Dr Anil Sahasrabudhhe, Chairman AICTE, and a number of Chancellors and  Vice Chancellors of the universities in India, academicians, scientists, literary luminaries, students, friends and well-wishers of Prof Sharma from all across the globe during the online launch of the book.

Prof PB Sharma is an eminent academician, renowned thought leader, and currently the Vice Chancellor of Amity University Haryana. He has been the Founder Vice Chancellor of DTU and RGTU and the Past President of AIU. 

Prof. PB Sharma

Introducing the book of poems, Prof P B Sharma said, “The Collection of Poems contained in this book are a tribute to the nobility of man in India, US, UK and Singapore, the great countries with which I had the privilege to visit during my long professional career spanning of 51 years.” He recited a poem on ‘Mother India’ from the book to provide the glimpses of his profound understanding of the foundation of India’s rich cultural and spiritual heritage that glows its profoundness of oneness of diversity.

“The Vedic Civilization of India has nurtured my soul, inspired and shaped me as a man of conscience devoted unconditionally in the service of Divine. The divine character of creation and the quest for immortality, during otherwise a perishable existence is unique to India’s spiritual civilization. Truth, non-violence, peace, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, the world is one global family and its firm faith in oneness of divinity are the best gifts of Indian Vedic mind to the humanity,” added Prof Sharma. 

Prof. J.S Rajput, India Chair, Board of UNESCO & Former Director NCERT & Former Chairman NCTE congratulated Prof Sharma for penning down highly inspiring poems that shall inspire current and future generations of Gen ”i” to cultivate nobility and universal human values. Expressing his thoughts about the book, he said, “When a person with such a scientific and technological wisdom such as Professor Sharma, who has made so many contributions in education, research and innovation, writes a book on poetry, the ideas, imagination, love and atmiyata are synchronized together and then the thoughts flow like a poetry that sounds like a song coming from the heart and dreams to create a new world”. The poems of Prof Sharma shall inspire to redesign the world of peace, divine bless and sustainability, added Dr Rajput.

Prof DP Agrawal, former Chairman UPSC who has been a professor at IIT Delhi with Prof PB Sharma, while addressing the august gathering at the book launch, said, “Prof Sharma you have used both part of your brain, scientific and emotional and this makes your journey on the Path of Excellence truly holistic”. The poems contained in the book are truly inspiring to the young minds around the world.  

Prof Prem Vrat, Chairman of IIT Dhanbad and IIT Mandi, while complementing Prof PB Sharma at the book launch said, “Rarely one finds a scientific mind deep rooted into spirituality and deeply committed to cultivate excellence, Prof Sharma is unique in this respect and his power of pen as reflected in his insightful poems is perfect example of synthesis of science and spiritual wisdom”. The Book of Poems “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” is both timely and also highly relevant in present times when the global community is looking for ever lasting peace and harmony all around.

Dr Aseem Chauhan, Chancellor, AUH said, “When a person lives a life with deep thoughts, honesty, integrity, commitment, humanity and spirituality, two things happen – One is the body of work itself brings out the eminence of the person in his dedicated service to the society and secondly, the purest of thoughts pour out from the heart of the person and these shape the lives of the people he touches. In his composition of 41 poems presented in book “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”, Prof Sharma has presented his experiences and insight of the richness of eminence cultivated by the nobility of man in countries around the world. The quality of people present today at the launch is the testimony of their warm appreciation of Prof Sharma’s eminence”.

Dr Anil Sahasrabudhhe, Chairman AICTE while expressing his delight at the Book Launch said, “The ancient civilizational values of truth, nonviolence and harmonious coexistence as presented in Vasudhiav Kutumbakam are of great relevance in today’s time as the scientific minds are in search of sustainable solutions for peace, prosperity and happiness . The book of poems of Prof Sharma shall greatly inspire the youth of India and of the countries around the world. 

Dr Ashok K Chauhan, Founder President Amity Education Group in his words of blessings said, “The Amity believes that the compilation of poems by Prof Sharma will have an ever-lasting impact in shaping the minds and attitude of the faculty and students in universities in India”. Dr Chauhan complemented Prof Sharma for his inspirational poems.

Celebrating the book launch, eminent academician and Sahitya Kala Awardee Prof Udaya Narayana Singh recited the poem ‘Though Art That’ and ‘The Light of Divine’, Prof HK Jha, Professor ASLA, AUH recited the poem ‘The Himalayan Spirit’, Master Anugyan (Dev) Sharma from Riverstone International Boise, USA recited the poem ‘I Am the Riverstone’, Mr Aishwarya (Vasu) Sharma  a graduate of UC Davis, USA recited the poem ‘The Aggies of UC Davis’, Prof Pranshul Patahak, of AUH recited the poem ‘Amity – The Atmiyata Infinite’ Dr Sanjna Vij of AUH recited the poem ‘Siksha And Diksha’, Master Aadeesh Sharma of DPS Mathura Road who had studied in Singapore recited the poem ‘Singapore – A Tech Leader’ and Mr Anurag Sharma, from Boise USA recited the poem ‘The Mountains of Colour’. 

The Book Launch was attended by many distinguished, academicians, literary figures, scientist and institution heads that included Dr W Selvamurthy, President ASTIF and Chancellor Amity University Chhattisgarh; Prof Gurinder Singh, Group Vice Chancellor Amity Education Group; Dr AK Nagpal, Chairman Board of Governors of Amity Medical Foundation; Dr DK Modi Chancellor, KN Modi University Jaipur; Prof Furqan Qamar, former Secretary General AIU; Dr V Suresh, former Chairman, HUDCO; Shri KB Rajoria, former Director General CPW; Dr Balwinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor AUUP; Dr PS Jaswal, Vice Chancellor SRM University and former Vice Chancellor National Law University Patiala; Maj Gen VK Sharma, Vice Chancellor AUMP; Dr RK Khandal, Former Vice Chancellor UPTU; Dr D Bandyopadhyay, former Vice Chancellor GGSIP University New Delhi; Dr KK Dwivedi, former Vice Chancellor ITM Gwalior; Dr SN Sridhara, Vice Chancellor Hindustan University Chennai; Dr Nupur Prakash, former Vice Chancellor DTUW university; Dr. N.K Ahuja, Vice Chancellor, SVSU, Meerut; Prof JD Agarwal, Chairman Indian Institute of Finance; Prof HB Mathur, former Professor and head IIT Delhi; Dr Shivaprakash, Professor IISc; Prof MP Gupta, DMS IIT Delhi; Prof SK Garg, former Pro Vice Chancellor DTU; Prof NK Goyal, President CMAI; Atul Jain, Chairman Ideal Institute of Technology; Renowned poet Asif Azmi; Prof B Chandra from IIT Delhi, Dr Adremi Adikoya, Dr DS Pundhir, Director MBS College of Engineering Jammu, Rakesh Sharma from New York, Rajeev Jain from Chicago and a large number of alumni of DCE-DTU and Amity University among others. Members of Prof Sharma’s family who attended the Book Launch included Meena Sharma, Dr Astha Sharma, Meenakshi Sharma and the Grandchildren Vasu and Dev in Boise USA and Adeesh and Sanskrit in Noida.

The Book Launch program was organized by Aurbind Sharma, CEO, TED Consulting and was supported by Sachin Juneja, Dr Sanjna Vij, Sandeep Singh, Dr Viveak Ballyan and Mr Shubhansh Tiwari for which excellent IT support was provided by IT team of AUH.

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