Vijender Gupta from New Delhi Assembly Constituency


New Delhi, 9 November- Former Delhi BJP President and BJP’s candidate for New Delhi

assembly constituency Sh. Vijender Gupta today slammed the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for

complete neglect of the New Delhi Assembly constituency as he visited J-Block Kalibari Marg ,

Bhaiyaram Camp and Dhibi Ghats(Dhobhi hat number-5).

Sh. Gupta said, “Bhaiya ram camp is just opposite the prime Minister’s house and yet people are

living in complete inhumane conditions. No one has cared about providing even basic amenities

to them,” Sh. Gupta said. The residents of this slum cluster interacted with Sh. Gupta and

expressed their anger and frustration at being left in the lurch by Sheila Dikshit.

Similalry at J-Block Kalibari Marg, people complained of lack of basic amenities. The residents

expressed their resolve to teach Congress a lesson. Sh. Gupta said, “This shocking that the Chief

Minister’s constituency has such a dark and dirty underbelly which completely exposes the

At Dhobhi Ghat number 5, representatives of all Dhobi Ghat associations in the area were

present. They also complained that they have got huge water bills of up to Rs 75 lakh. The

Association representatives informed that these bills have been cleverly deferred till assembly

polls take place by the Chief Minister. But it is clear that once polls are over , this burden will

fall back on the poor populace.

Sh. Gupta assured them that once elected, he will take up this issue and get it resolved. “There

will be no unjustified burden on anyone. And we will ensure that such arbitrary bills are not

forced upon common people who are making their livings through such sheer hard work.

The representatives of Dhobi Ghats passed a unanimous resolution to support Sh. Gupta and

BJP in the coming assembly polls.

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