Wadhwani Foundation launches 3 AI Co-Pilots to boost employability of Indian youth

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New Delhi, Feb 7 (IANS) Non-profit organisation Wadhwani Foundation on Wednesday launched three new AI Co-Pilots to enhance the employability of Indian youth and young adults.

The three AI Co-Pilots include — My Tutor for students, My Mentor for faculty, and My Interview Coach. The newly launched functionality is an addition to the Foundation’s AI-powered platform — Genie.AI. The platform provides more than 1,000 hours of skilling and entrepreneurship content.

“By harnessing AI, we can ensure that critical employability skills are not only ingrained in educational institutions but also transcend socio-economic barriers to learning. The idea is to sculpt a workforce which is not just job-ready but future-proof,” Dr Ajay Kela, President and CEO, Wadhwani Foundation, said in a statement.

My Tutor Co-Pilot personalises the learning experience with immediate assistance and tailored content, while My Mentor significantly enhances the teaching experience by offering faculty additional tools to deliver more effective and engaging lessons.

My Interview Coach helps learners demonstrate their knowledge during job interviews, according to the company.

“Our AI-enabled platform and industry-led training equips job seekers with essential proficiencies for success ensuring they thrive in this rapidly changing job market,” said Sunil Dahiya, Executive Vice President, Wadhwani Foundation.

The Genie.AI platform collaborates with government and global entities to enable learning for a wide audience, with an aim to reach 10 million learners by 2027. It offers free, tailored learning in English and Hindi, and has plans to expand in other Indian languages.

“The AI functionality coupled with the robust 360-degree support of Genie.AI platform has the potential to create a workforce adept not just in technical skills but also armed with critical thinking and communication proficiencies,” said Mark Malaspina, Chief Product Officer, Skilling, Wadhwani Foundation.

In addition, the Foundation mentioned that it will continue to roll out impactful new AI features on the Genie.AI platform in the coming months.



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