Water from air: Israeli firm exhibits magical solutions to India’s water scarcity problem at IHE2022

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Greater Noida (04/08/2022): Pure drinking water is probably one of the most scarce natural resources that is constantly being depleted and potable water is diminishing at an even faster pace. Now, in this scenario imagine if water is generated by air around us. Seems impossible, right? Well, it is now possible. And turning this fiction into reality is Maayan Mulla, CEO, Watergen India, who is currently an exhibitor at IHE 2022. Ten News held an exclusive conversation with Mulla regarding the product.

Watergen is an Israeli Company with a huge center and a laboratory for deriving drinking water from the atmosphere. Talking about his machines, Mulla said, “Here we are exhibiting one of our machines called the Genie that can give us cold and hot water coming from this atmosphere.”

Further while explaining the mechanism of the machine, he adds “ At Watergen, we have developed a special heat exchanger made from food grain polymer which helps us to produce 10 times more water per kilowatt. By using this heat exchanger we can produce very pure, clean, light and quality water.”

The water then undergoes a filtration process wherein the water is split through the machine into air and humidity. By using the heat exchanger, all the water goes through the filtration process in the internal tank and then you can get the water through different ways like the dispenser.


Talking about his reason for participating in IHE 2022, Mula added, “We have come to IHE to show the hospitality industry how they can use our machines and become environment friendly. This water can be used for all purposes including cooking, washing, drinking, brewing coffee, making soda and so on. “

Apart from these fascinating functions, the exterior or the look of the machine is jaw-dropping as well. There are a lot of advantages in using these technologies, he points. Water as a raw material is the most important resource for the body and nature. From agriculture to food everything consists of water. 70% of our body is water, so, the quality of the water is very important. By using these Watergen machines the quality of the water that we get is mineral water.

Hence the technology can be used extensively to deal with scarcity of water in remote areas specially. “This technology provides a solution to water scarcity,” he outlines.

Moreover, since India is a coastal country, the climate here is humid and hence this machine is most suitable for the country, “From a global perspective, we are looking at India’s climatic conditions which are the best for these machines. Our machines are for civilians of India. We are looking at India as a strategic market because of the need to accomplish our vision to provide drinking water for all,” Mulla concludes.

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