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TATHASTU provide you MAHAVASTU AND ASTRO MAHAVASTU SOLUTIONS. They do the remedies unlike vastu it has totally different method to get the desired result, As per mahavastu every house gives problems but as well gives remedies .Mahavastu and Astro mahavastu work in particular zones for particular problem, let it be related to finance, job, affairs , marriage, children, child less couple, illness, depression, immunity, pains, relationship with spouse and other family and friends, lack of confidence, studies of children, career, blocked money, Lack of support, social relations and over all happiness.

Everything is possible through astro Mahavastu, for that we make a proper report of your house and balancing report. In case if you want to get your Astro Mahavastu done , then they make a proper report of your house and your horoscope but related to pericular problems. As May be everything is fine so they do not touch ongoing process of your home and particular zones related to the problems will be touched. As each problem has each zone.

Need to understand: Other problem do not arise due to the remedy done to your house, as for different problem zone is also different.. one zone remedy will give results of that perticular problem of its perticular zone without any side effects on other zones.

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