Whats wrong in our DNA : The tendency of corruption and scams!

Vanita Srinivas

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Corruption as the word itself indicates is a damage or rot created in the society. Any illegitimate alternative or shortcut to get the things done is corruption. Bypassing rules and laws initiates corruption. The latest in trail of systemic failures leading to corruption is the case and flight of Nirav Modi. Corruption in such cases is a conscious decision of deviating from moral practices depending on the values of the individual. Inclination towards corruption can be seen due to two factors. One is individual’s psychology, which is primary, and the secondary cause is relating to social expectations. An impaired empathy, self centeredness and insatiable greed are few of the personal traits that give a natural inclination to tread on corrupt path. 

The scams being unearthed are of huge magnitude. A simple and common man is astounded by the astronomical figures involved in these scams. It is incomprehensible to understand the greed to amass wealth. Greed is so strong that if given a chance they will gulp the cosmos,. After all, how much does a man need even if he is pampering his greed?

It is pertinent to note that neither the corruption nor the corrupt attract the ire of the public. Till date scams after scam have been reported and each one beats the previous one in its magnitude and modus operands, as though we are trying to prove our expertise in it. Yet, the public and the Government have never been aggressive enough to terrify the scamsters or put them on back foot. The only outpour witnessed is the outcry on social media.

Why do we accept corruption? Why do we perceive corruption with leniency? It is probably because either the news is sensationalized, or the pain is so remote that hurt is not felt in the society. The other reason for our pathetic response to such heinous acts is that we are all a part of this corrupt system. Deep in our hearts we do identify ourselves with the scamsters.  It was reported in newspapers that the password for SWIFT transactions given to bank officials was shared with Nirav Modi. Despite our knowledge about sensitivity of the password sharing, many of us have done it at some time or the other. Thus a feeling of empathy prevents us from holding the PNB officials guilty of sharing the password which was root cause of the embezzlement.

The tendency t6o bypass rules are in our DNA. We justify all our acts shamelessly. The prevention of corruption which is extremely wicked, deeply criminal, flagitious crime should be our priority both on social and administrative front. We should first accept our role in systemic corruption. The whole system is corrupt. Although it is absolutely tough to alienate oneself or change the system yet an effort however is worth the try. The approach to eliminate systemic corruption has to be systemic. The school curriculum should include moral science at a tender age. An age which impressionable and carries the taught values throughout the life. Small acts of honestly, kindness and empathy should be lauded so that the kindergarten kids carry them in their heart forever. To combat unexplainable greed, a value for minimalism should also be inculcated.

Everyone has a price. Let it be honesty at all costs

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