Why Become a Yoga Teacher: Boons and Benefits

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Yoga is a mindful practice that has been in use for centuries. It is a process that incorporates mindfulness into bodily movements. It leads to happier living and better stress management. 

The scope of yoga is ever-increasing, and there is no lack of demand for yoga teachers. One can become a certified yoga instructor through the 200 hours yoga teacher training process.     

Listed below are some benefits of Practicing Yoga:


    The areas of the human brain that regulate and control anxiety and other bodily awareness are: 

  • Hippocampus and 
  • Somatosensory cortex

    Regular yoga practice increases the size of these centers, thereby reducing anxiety. It can improve cognitive skills, help with problem-solving and improve self-esteem. 


Practicing Yoga or any form of exercise for that matter increases the production of feel-good hormones. Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin are a few of the hormone productions that increase with physical activity. One feels more energetic, creative, and vibrant after a yoga session. 

Yoga is a profoundly mindful practice that reduces cortisol levels in bodies, which is the stress hormone. It significantly improves a person’s mood. Cortisol is essential for self-control, but the stress of living today floods the system with large amounts of this hormone and causes increased anxiety and fear. 

One might be familiar with the benefits of practicing yoga. But what if one is contemplating becoming an instructor. What could be the benefits of teaching this practice to others?


Just because it is a cliche to say that if one loves their work, it does not seem like work does not make it any less true. Lack of job satisfaction is one of the leading causes of anxiety in the 21st century.

Becoming a yoga instructor and leading others to find fulfillment in their lives can help them find it themselves. Earning some money while doing what one loves is a dream for many and teaching yoga is one way to realize this dream. The energy the teachers derive from helping their students lead better lives is an unparalleled feeling. 


Teaching is a richly rewarding process. Through this profession, one is blessed with the opportunity to give back to society what they have learned and gained from it. Assisting people in practicing yoga daily and bringing a positive change in their lives is not a trivial thing. One can be proud and content with the service and help they render to society. 


Health is an irreplaceable and most valuable asset. One could even say that all human effort is to put food in our belly to be healthy.

Undergoing 200 hours of Yoga teacher training equips oneself to be highly aware of the body and its needs. Taking care of the health, body, posture, breathing, and diet will become second nature. One will automatically be at the peak of one’s health after meticulously following the regime and teaching it to others.


Although it has been around for thousands of years, yoga is still gaining traction in many countries. Yoga retreat centers and training classes are being established in every city in India and abroad. People are flocking to yoga classes to learn how to control the mind and body. 

So by becoming an instructor, one becomes a channel for the students to attain this fulfillment. 

One can take classes based on their convenience. Even a part-time instructor job is preferred by many. People even conduct training in small batches throughout the day, so working professionals find time for it in their busy schedules. 


The process of learning does not stop when one becomes a teacher. There is always enough to learn to keep things interesting. One will learn more in the journey of teaching. Yoga is a vast field. And there are things to learn and perfect that will take more time than within the confines of a school. 

There is always space for more finesse and perfection. One should accept the notion that one should never stop learning. The more learning happens, the better one will be. The day one stops being excited or quits learning is the day they stop growing. 

Teachers always learn life-changing lessons from students that change their lives. So always be on the lookout for an instant takeaway from a class. One can teach more effectively when they learn their students. 


As a yoga instructor, one will harbor feelings of positivity and spread the same light to others. It is one of the ways to attain fulfillment, spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

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