Will PM Modi win a second term?: Here are the Top 10 Predictions by Veteran Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai!

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New Delhi: India is currently witnessing the biggest democratic exercise in the world to vote for the 17th Lok Sabha.As the election draws to a close with the last phase slated for May 19. The counting for the Lok Sabha election 2019 will be held on May 23, Thursday.

In 2014 Congress and UPA government was on the receiving end, Modi Led BJP was knocking UPA in every round one after another. UPA simply had no answers to the punches served by BJP and the man himself.

But the big question looming in the country right now is a simple but crucial one. Does Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserve a second term in the light of his his government’s shortcomings in five years?

In 2014, the BJP was running a campaign called ‘Mission 272+’.On Mission 272 one of the Top and High Paid Journalist in India, Rajdeep Sardesai having criss cross the country for last two months Predicts about Narendra Modi pulling off a Manmohan Singh, by getting re-elected.

Here are Top 10 Big Predictions By Sardesai:

1.) BJP will be the single largest party. But it’s Unlikely to get Majority this time.

2.) NDA might get a majority. After traveling the country, sardesai personally feels the alliance will be reaching halfway mark.

3.) If the NDA Falls Short. They can turn to a Naveen Patnaik or Reddy for support.

4.) Congress will do better than 2014. But will struggle to cross three digit mark.

5.) Regional party will do strongly especially in the south. But not really will come in the term to dictate government.

6.) President Ramanath Kovind almost certainly call Narendra Modi as the leader of single largest party.

7.) BJP’s Biggest Gains will come in the East of the country.

8.) BJP’s only Double Digit Loss in Seats will be in UP. And i don’t see Congress making double digit gains in any state.

9.) There will be divide in North and South. BJP will do well in Karnataka.

10.) X Factor for this election will be The UP and the Bengal Verdict.

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