Women’s Day 2019: Here’s what Noida have to say on current status of women in India


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NOIDA, (8/3/2019): Mother, sisters, wives, girlfriends and friends, what would we ever do without them? Nobody can honestly say we don’t owe an enormous amount to the women in our lives.

From the mothers who keep us in her womb for 9 months, to the sisters who helped us decide what to wear on our first date, to the wives who takes charge of our lives and look after everything a man cannot take care of.

Women’s Day celebrates women’s history, highlighting key events, milestones and achievements, and aims to further promote and raise awareness of women’s rights and to achieve equal opportunity status in all walks of life.

On this special occasion of Women’s day, Ten News team reached to the women of Noida to know about the changes that can be seen in past 15 years in the status of women.

When asked about what changes they can see in the society regarding the status of women? Most of them replied with saying “that from past 15 years many changes have come and women have evolved much. Now we can do what we want to do to larger extent as compared to earlier times”.

“Now women of our country have developed a sense of self respect and confidence in themselves that they ate no less than any man. Its not that we are totally got the freedom to do anything but still these changes have been a boost for the future generations”.

When asked about are we achieving gender equality?
Some of the women gave a positive response and said, “that yes we are achieving it, as we can see the difference, in every field women are increasing and achieving success. Like in sports we can see that now we hear more female sportspersons names as compared to earlier times. In the corporate world we can see now that women are being employed more and are earning equal wages too”.

While on the other hand some of them still believes that we haven’t reached where we should reach in terms of gender equality, and said, “still we are lacking in achieving the equal status for women. If we go to the rural areas we can clearly see the deprivation of women, where they are not allowed to even go out of their homes, not allowed to wear what they want”.

“And even in urban areas still women think twice or thrice before wearing a short dress, just because the mindset is not changed, but still we are happy that not fully but partially we are getting the freedom which we deserve”.

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