World Peace meets are held over Meat feasts taunts Swami Ramdev at Times Literature Festival 2017


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NEW DELHI : Yoga Guru Swami Ramdev today addressed a session at Times Literature Festival 2017.

He said, “Spirituality and religion are two different things and a lot of time the difference gets lost in translation”.

Talking about complexities of people’s perception he said, “We all believe in both known and unknown truth. The neck which is visible is a known truth and is almost similar in all but what happens inside it or the capability of singing a song is different for all”.

He talked about importance of Hindu religion and how it reaches compassion for all. He said, “Dharma is attached with all aspects of life. Religion to me means not harming any living entity, whether physically or emotionally”.

He also used the opportunity to taunt those who think it is against secular tenant of nation to talk about protecting cows.

He said, “Why it is being termed oppressive to talk about protecting cows. We as a religion believe in protection and preservation of every living entity and Cow is certainly very sacred to us. It is our duty to stand against atrocities being committed towards our holy mother”

He also spoke about non-vegetarian culture and said, “People now Meet for world peace and feast on Meat, how is it justified”.

He also presented vegan eating habits as a tool to fight global warming and claimed, “If everyone turns vegetarian, the global warming will end itself. A lot of green vegetation is disturbed in producing even a little amount of non veg food. Also vegetarian food can be transferred without being refregerated”.

Speaking about his organization’s goal towards shifting to a more eco-friendly model, he announced, “Patanjali will shift to complete solar energy within next two years”.

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