Youth Congress to hold “Inquilaab Rally” against BJP government on Jan 30

Shaihzad Abid/ Rahul Kumar Jha

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New Delhi: Youth wing of Indian National Congress to hold a massive rally “Inquilaab Rally” against the ruling BJP government.

Indian Youth Congress will hold a massive rally against the emerging issues like unemployment, farmers suicide, women safety and the assault of dalits, the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi is likely to join the mega youth rally.

Youth Congress president, Keshav Chand while addressing a press conference at Indian National Congress headquarters said,”this youth rally is the outcome of aggression emerging in the country’s youth. The ruling party’s prime leader has promised to create two crore jobs every year but the promise is still not materialised, the government and the prime minister has to answer.”

“The agriculture sector of the country is in distress, everyday farmers are committing suicide, the suicide rate has come up, dalits and minorities were beaten. While the government talks about the poor section, but on the other side the government is silent on oppression”, the president added.

“Questioning the past developments in education sector,”the government has decreased the money spend on higher education”, he added.

The aim of this rally to spread awareness about the failures of Modi government, the rally was started from KanyaKumari will end in the national capital on wednesday.

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