Zerodha CTO shares secret of employee retention

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National (10/03/2023): Retaining talented employees has been a major challenge for businesses in the midst of global layoffs and people looking for new opportunities. However, Kailash Nadh, CTO of online stock trading firm Zerodha, believes that ‘human decency’ is the only approach that can stop employees from leaving.

According to the firm, only two employees from the tech team have left in the last ten years. Kailash Nadh, who shared the company’s employee retention secret, stated that there was no specific formula but basic decency has helped the company retain its talent for several years.

Zerodha CTO said in a conclave said, “There is no formula. I think the key is that we don’t look at people as resources or talent. We don’t even use the word talent. That is not our framework. It is a group of people who hang out with each other, who have the right philosophies, who gel well with each other. There is no pretense. It is human decency, I guess and a clear focus on building relationships. There is really, no real formula,”

The CTO further said, “I think it is a misconception that the number of people in a tech or engineering team scales linearly with the organisation, in terms of financial transactions or the number of users or revenue. It is absolutely possible for a really small team to build massive systems that scale to really massive numbers.”

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