Being Advani : The lessons one must learn from his life!

The Man who once was Delhi's Power Center, today symbolizes all that can go wrong in Politics!


Ashish Kedia

L K Advani can easily be referred to as one of India’s leading political personality. Yet, the man that we see today has no resemblance from what used to be the persona of a commanding, insistent man, more than a decade back.

Advani’s place in Indian history is surely reserved and would remain so thanks to his instinct with controversies. The man when at opposition is blamed/credited for orchestrating the most controversial demolition of the world. While at power he is rumoured to have taken the then Pakistan’s President Parvej Musharaf kind-of-hostage during Agra summit. Power you see was never too far from Advani, before wheels of time changed it all!

The man who is well-known for undertaking 6 Yatra’s couldn’t take journey of his life to a conclusive end. From Prime-Minister in waiting to A-President-India-Couldn’t-have, Advani’s aliases aren’t one that any individual would willingly desire.

Advani’s life teaches us to let go honourably. It teaches us the art of speaking and being quite, at times that matter. It also teaches us that experience can’t prepare you for everything in the life which is so much full of surprises.

When I saw Advani last time, it was him leaving the parliament after the GST midnight launch event. A man who once radiated power and strategy, was sitting calmly on the backseat of a SUV with folded hands and shut mouth. The face was expressionless, the persona debarred of any power. As his vehicle moved from between the camerapersons and media reporters on both side, Advani made no attempt to make any eye contact with anyone or to speak, smile or symbolize anything. For a moment it looked like he is just playing his part in larger scheme of things, where his character hasn’t been given any dialogues.

Advani symbolizes the harsh reality of life. The ultimate truth of Change being the only constant thing. The man who has done so much, seen so much and happens to be the founding father of India’s ruling party, is pushed to oblivion.

Though I joined journalism later after Advani retired from active politics, I was told that Advani had constructed a large, separate room in his quarter for media briefings. What once used to be the place for most exciting, juicy, breaking news hasn’t seen a camera or mic in last many years.

The man does live; the leader has already taken salvation!



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