Game of “Blue Whale” being played online is causing depression leading to suicide and needs to be banned


Brig. K.G. Behl (Retd.)

President, All India Consumers Council, Uttarakhand

 Blue Whale is  neither a whale nor any other type of fish but is a killing game created online to attract youngsters who play online games on mobile, computers or other related devices.   This game was introduced  in Russia from a Russian story in May, 2016 at Russian site Novaya Gazeta which lead to many suicide cases within a short span. This game includes etching of a blue whale on one’s skin and with that jumping of  buildings around.  The game creates in the players an  awe while playing game which leads to depression or their committing suicide.  Blue whale game is a challenge to about 10%  urban kids who use internet for online games and from their become vulnerable to blue whale game, which tempts one to commit suicide.   Children should avoid the game where  the word Blue Whale appears and should not indulge in that as it may tempt them to play that and cause depression. They must inform their parents / friends if they come across any such

Many countries are asking for a ban but organizers say that the game does not induce players to commit suicide.  Actually undetected depression gets developed by playing this game which turns into suicide cases. This stems from a general neglect of mental health amongst the teen agers. As reported the youngsters try to commit suicide by different ways like hanging with rope from fan or throwing oneself before trains etc.

The parents must ensure that their children while playing online games do not fall prey to this blue whale game and wherever they come across should intimate the authorities concerned so that suitable action could be taken to ban this. It is learnt that Supreme Court has been moved to put a ban on blue whale game.

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