Noida Authority intensifies fight against encroachment, over three-fold increase in penalties, provision for FIR!

Ashish Kedia


Encroachment has been one of the major issues that has gripped larger parts of Noida and causes major inconvenience to large number of residents. Taking a step ahead to fight this menace, Noida Authority has dissolved enforcement cell and has given the responsibility of removing encroachment to work circles.

Sandeep Chandra, who is currently handling the charge of chief-project engineer has been nominated as the nodal officer for anti-encroachment drive.

Noida authority has also passed order to exponentially increased the penalty on the goods that are confiscated in encroachment drives. For a confiscated cart the penalty has increased from 700 to 3000, for electric juice machine it has changed from 900 to 5000 and so on. The penalty will also increase for repeated offenders. Second time offenders will have to pay 50% increased penalty fees. The people or shop owners who would be found shielding or encouraging encroachment will also have to pay 50000 as fine.

For the first time Authority has also included a provision under which if the encroachment is found for the third time, the goods will be confiscated and sealed and FIR will be filled against concerned person.

With these provisions on place, only time will tell what positive affects come on ground. How strictly these rules are enforced and encroachment drives undertaken will only decide the future of the city, which is battling hard to fight the encroachment menace since years.

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