Protest against assault on Journalist in Greater Noida, Police assures strict action


Ashish Kedia

Lokesh Goswami

A journalist working for a newspaper in Greater Noida was assaulted by unidentified assailants on Sunday. The incident took place when Anshuman a reporter with Deshbandhu newspaper was leaving his office. Some masked men who seemed to be waiting for him attacked him with different objects immediately after he walked out of his office situated at commercial belt.

These three-four boys later left in a jiffy as Anshuman started shouting for help and people started to gather.

The incident took place at Alpha-1 commercial belt which is one of the most premium business hub of Greater Noida. Approximate 1 Kilometer long stretch of this commercial belt houses many banks and officers and is usually pretty busy during the day.

If such incident can take place at such location in city, the law and order authorities need to think seriously over the efficiency of their system.

Police assures swift action:

Today journalists from all different publications of Greater Noida registered their strong protest against this condemnable attack on a fraternity member. CO (First) Amit Kumar Shrivastav heard the grievances and have assured that culprits will be captured within the day. He has also assured that strictest action will be taken to ensure that such anti-social elements can be discouraged form taking law into their hands.


Editors Note :A democracy that doesn’t allow voices of dissent becomes worse than dictatorship. A free press is the fourth pillar of democratic structure and it is the collective responsibility of one and all to protect this freedom in its most impartial and raw form. At a time when there is an onslaught of Fake News all over world, it is imperatively more important to protect and encourage alternative media that might not have as much reach but should have courage to speak the truth.

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