Protest against Sarvodar Dam gates closure




Condemning the decision of the authorities to close down the gates of Sarovar Dam, people from Narmada valley today staged a protest outside the office of Uma Bharti, Minister for water resources.

“Despite Gujrat government has claimed the complete rehabilitation in all three states of Maharashtra, Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh,” protestors said, “thousands of families who were forcibly evicted from their homes in order to pave way for the Sardar Sarovar project is now looming over in the Narmada valley.”

They demanded full and fair rehabilitation before submergence, which government has failed to do so far.

Calling is violation of right to live, the protestors said. “The government has decided to close down the 17 meter high gates in order to raise the water level from 122 meters to 139 meters. This will through altogether 40,000 families in danger zone to face the devastation.”

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