32-Year-Old-Male weighing 120 Kgs successfully operated

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Chennai, 29 December 2022:  A 32-year-old extremely obese, young man got a second chance at life after undergoing a challenging and rare cardiac tumor surgery at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai. Eminent doctors headed by Dr. Thejaswi N Marla, Clinical Lead, Minimally Invasive Cardiac SurgeryFortis Malar treated the challenging case via minimally invasive keyhole surgery over conventional sternotomy.

The young patient was presented at Fortis Malar with symptoms of breathlessness and frequent episodes of giddiness.  Post diagnosis, Dr. Manohar G, Senior Interventional Cardiologist identified that the symptoms were due to a very large cardiac tumor, in his right atrium. The large mass measuring 11.5×8 cms was completely blocking the blood flow to the right ventricle by occupying the entire right atrium. The clinical experts at Fortis Malar diagnosed the tumor at the appropriate time and successfully excised and rebuilt the chamber with a small incision. Cardiac tumors are a rare occurrences as cardiac tissues are very resistant to cancer. Unremoved cardiac tumors can be fatal as it blocks blood circulation.

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