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4 crore people pushed into poverty in country: Rahul Gandhi

Source: PTI

New Delhi, Jan 23: Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on Sunday alleged that over four crore people have been pushed into poverty in the country and that there has been development of only “Hamare Do”.

“‘Vikas overflow’ only for ‘Humare Do’! While our 4,00,00,000 brothers and sisters are pushed into poverty,” he said on Twitter.

“Each of these 4,00,00,000 is a real person, not just a number. Each of these 4,00,00,000 deserved better. Each of these 4,00,00,000 is India!,” Gandhi said, using the hashtag “BJPfailsIndia”.

Citing an Oxfam report, he put out a graphic alleging that the wealth two top businessmen has grown by billions of dollars during the year 2021 while over four crore people have gone below the poverty line in India during the pandemic since 2020.

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